Welcome to our new look website!!

We’ve finally got round to updating our web-site. Hopefully it all looks good on your screens too – the joys of having a widescreen laptop is the fact that things look a bit different on a normal monitor. Please let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t quite work.

The layout of the site should be self-exaplanatory, but in case you can’t work it out … I’ve copied across a number of our previous pages, mainly the ones to do with our time in NZ and Slug’s diary these can be accessed under “pages” (we’ll add posts to form an Isabel diary as we go, so that will create itself).

The gallery is still there, and you can access it from the “Gallery” link under “pages” on the left hand side. At least, that will take you to a page containing a link to the gallery. This will present you with a full screen gallery so if you want to return to our home page you’ll either have to use your browser’s “back” button or re-enter our main page URL. (If I get a chance I might see if I can set it up so that the gallery can be viewed in a frame rather than full screen, but for now you’ll have to put up with it!)

The categories will link through to the posts in a given category only, and the archives will link through to the posts in a given month. As we’ve only just set-up the new site there isn’t much history there yet, but hopefully these will build up over time.

Finally, for those interested, I have added a neat little plug-in that gives the current weather situation at Wellington Airport. Given we live about three minutes’ drive from the Airport (and can see the planes taking off and landing from our lounge window) it can be taken as a fairly good indication of the weather at our house!!

You should be able to add comments against each page and each post, as well as in the gallery as before.