All sewn up

Isabel’s operation seems to have been a success and she is currently recovering in Intensive Care.

We were able to see her at about 11am – she was very sleepy unsurprisingly and a bit grumpy! She has gradually “come to” a bit more as the day has worn on but remains a tad on the grumpy side – very understandable under the circumstances!

We should hopefully be able to go up to the ward sometime tomorrow morning – she has already had a few sips of water from her bottle so is on the mend……

4 thoughts on “All sewn up”

  1. v.v.v.v.v glad that Isabel’s op has gone ok and that she seems to be on the mend! Give her a big kiss from me X

  2. SUCH good news – thanks for making sure we got to know, we’ve all been on pins here. Hope she continues to recover well. We’re thinking of you all.
    Mum X

  3. So pleased that all has gone well. We have thought of you all often. Now home from the USA I look forward to catching up with the website. A speedy recovery and return to normal for you all
    Love AA x

  4. Just SOOOO glad that it is all over now.
    Hope she is no longer taking after Grandpa W !!
    And how are you both ?? It goes without saying that we are thinking of you, just as much as we are of Munchkin.
    Love from

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