Isabel at the beach

Well today was Auntie Catherine’s last day with us in Wellington, so to make sure she didn’t leave on an empty stomach we took her to the Chocolate Fish. Having had a lovely brunch (as always) we decided it was a good time to initiate Isabel in the ways of the sea. We therefore took her to the little beach next to the Chocolate Fish to see how she would take to a bit of paddling. Having got over her initial uncertainty of the water surging in over her feet, she soon came to enjoy it, and if Daddy hadn’t stopped her, she would have been happy to wander into the Cook Strait!!

Unfortunately we didn’t have our camera with us, but luckily Catherine did (had her camera, that is, not ours). She has promised she will email us the photos when she gets home, so we’ll post them here when we get them.

In addition to her paddling, Is is continuing to practice her walking. Her current record is the eight steps she took from her baby bouncer to the coffee table, onto which she then put her bottle. What a good girl. Let’s hope she continues to be that tidy as she grows up!

The other trick she’s learnt to do is to wave. Daddy was sitting in the car waiting for Mummy and Catherine in the pizza shop (Hell, of course) and turned around to the Munchkin and said hello and waved. Much to his surprise Isabel waved back!! He tried it a couple more times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t. She appears to like waving as she has since been seen waving at the cats, herself in the mirror and people on the TV!!