A Walking She Will Go!

It would seem that Isabel is now a fully fledged walker – and very proud of herself she is too if her doing circuits round the front room last night is anything to go by!

Having started out by taking a few steps, falling on her bum and then continuing on her way in crawling mode, she will now tend to walk everywhere – and if she falls over (which she still does pretty regularly!), she just gets back up and carries on her merry way!! (This is often helped if there is a furry creature for her to pursue!)

She also has a strange fascination with cat food – I’m not sure that it’s quite what the Plunkett Nurse meant by “solid” food, but if it keeps her happy (and it does, much to Mummy’s dismay!) then who are we to argue with her!

She now has hard soled shoes as well but isn’t so keen on these yet – I guess they must feel pretty odd when you’re used to being bare foot or just in your socks, but I think she’ll soon learn to love them when she discovers it’s the only way she’ll be allowed to walk around outside once we get back!