And so it begins…………

Today is moving day – although actually that’s not strictly true……….today is moving day for our belongings and we will follow in a couple of days!

This morning, Dan delivered the Munchkin to Jodys house (where she is apparently having a lovely time having “who can shout the loudest” contests with Madeleine!) on his way to work and I waited for the movers.

At 9.30am, 2 chaps and a VERY small van arrived – I did panic momentarily and say feebly “I don’t think everything will fit in your van” which they found very amusing and went on to point out that there was, in fact, another van coming and they were just going to be doing the packing part!

All was going swimmingly even though we had already established that the previous days estimate that they would be “done in a couple of hours” was not quite true, and we were eagerly awaiting the BIG van at about 1pm.

That was until the phone went.

A few people hadn’t turned up today and would I mind if the 2 current chaps finished what they were doing and buggered off and could I wait in for a couple of hours till the big van arrived…..hmmmmm, not quite the speedy turn around we had hoped for but what can you do!?

So, here I sit, in amongst a mountain of boxes and packing equipment waiting for the reinforcements – and if they aren’t here by 3.30, I’m going to unroll all of their bubble wrap and roll around on it!! (that’ll teach ’em!)