We are still here!!

Many apologies to those who think we have fallen off the face of the earth – we are still here and yes, we are still living in a hotel which isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as it sounds!

Sadly there isn’t a lot to report – just doing our best to adjust to being in Southampton and getting to grips with the fact that we live here now and that we aren’t just on our holidays!

Once we get settled in a place of own (soon hopefully!) we have plenty of pics to upload and so will bore you to death with those!

Unitl then, at least you know we are alive and well and always glad to hear from people!

2 thoughts on “We are still here!!”

  1. Thanks for posting! Hope things settle down for you in Southampton. Did you know that Martin and Louise have just moved there too? If you want their contact info let me know!

    jo and the boys

  2. Hey groovers – good to know you’re still alive and not overcome with a sudden burning desire to relocate to outer Mongolia ( hence lack of comms) Have been checking out the Brighton May Festival online OOOOOOOOOOO makes me homesick. You should pop over one day ( its on till 28th May) Wellywood is wet and cold at present and just not the same without you. Miss M thrashing the pants out of Miss Izzy’s hand me down jeans. Miss M goes bonkers when we see Miss Izzy on the screen so keep ’em coming. Looking forward to new piccies. Jode, Brett and Miss M

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