A moments peace means time to write a post!

This may end up becoming a theme of future posts but I do want to apologise for the infrequency with which I manage to get round to updating you – this may have something to do with the fact that most of my time is now taken up with making bottles (2 different types), changing nappies (2 different types, both equally disgusting in their own special way!) and generally meeting the requirements of our little Angels (though I may not always think of them in exactly that way!) ….and if I’m not doing that, then I’m probably asleep!

So we are now 6 weeks into being a family of four and, for the most part, I think we are surviving pretty much intact! We have made our 1st trip away from home – we went to Upton to see The Radcliffes, as it was Grandpa Peepoos birthday and we thought this would be a good way to break ourselves in gently to the trials of being away from home as we would have an army of ready, willing and able helpers! Much as we had to perfect the art of leaving the house with a Baby after Isabel was born (our 1st attempt took us 2 hours!), we are going to have to work on packing the “essentials” for trips away from home – I realised this when, having enquired what we were taking from the mountain of bags at the top of the stairs, Dan nearly fell over at the realisation that they ALL had to go……..I wonder if he may arrive home with a team of Sherpas to help him get things to the car next time we plan to go away for the weekend??! I had been slightly concerned that sleep would be something I didn’t get too much of as we would all be in the same bedroom and Isabel has never slept in the same room as Molly. I needn’t have worried though – she once again proved that even an atomic bomb going off could not remove her from the Land of Nod and Molly’s stirrings in the night pretty much went unnoticed!

Molly seems to be settling well into life outside of the womb – we certainly have no concerns in the feeding department as, when she got weighed 10 days ago, she weighed in at a healthy 11lbs 30zs…….a quick mental calculation on my part (I say “quick” but I would have used a calculator had I had one handy!) figured out that she had put on almost 2lbs in 2 weeks! The Health Visitor suggested that, should any eyebrows be raised when I take her to Clinic for future weigh-ins, I ought to point out to them that she fell in the 90th percentile in all areas when she was born so it’s hardly surprising that she is almost off the scale now! She is a very different Baby to Isabel which has rather taken me by surprise – I think that I had foolishly imagined that, having had another girl, it would all run much as it had last time! Now that I have had some time to figure her out a bit, the unsettled time before going to bed is getting less difficult and hopefully we’ll continue to improve in the “What on earth is it that she wants??!” department!

Isabels vocabulary continues to grow on a daily basis though we are now finding ourselves in the realm of having our own little parrot – so far, we have come out of the repetitions relatively unscathed apart from the incident with the swearing a few weeks ago……….Daddy was making his feelings about a certain rugby commentator known and Isabel chose to merrily repeat one of the expletives that slipped out of his mouth – luckily, she hasn’t said it since (thank goodness!) though Daddy did inform me the other day that she could say “Bollocks” so that’s good to know!? Amusingly, we did find her repeating the instructions from the sat-nav – it’s pretty funny when, all of a sudden, a little voice chirps up from the back with “Turn Left!”……it’ll only become a problem if she learns to copy accents as well and we may find ourselves getting unintentionally lost!

Dan and I are also fine and are busily preparing for the Girlies Christening the week after next – most of the preparations are now in place with only a couple of jobs left to do including taking the Christening dresses to the Dry Cleaners…….this is what comes of failing to take your wedding dress to the cleaners straight after the event – though on the plus side, it’ll be an awful lot cheaper! Keep your eyes peeled for pictures, which I’m sure will up as soon as we have them!