Noses, sickness and other such treats!

Life in the Winchurst household has been relatively quiet of late – I am, of course, ignoring all the stomping, screeching and general yelling that both Girls have been busy practising……..If we included those, there would never be a quiet moment to be had!

The Bank Holiday weekend found us stopping at home rather than venturing off on our travels – Mummy had a mountain of washing (so nothing new there!) that was threatening to avalanche down on us all which she wanted to catch up on (and felt it would have been rude to arrive at someone’s house armed with our washing!) and, as it was a Bank Holiday, the weather was of course due to be rubbish! Aunty Catherine came to visit on the Monday and, after some lunch, we ventured to “Kids 2 Day”, an indoor play centre, so that Isabel could let off some steam – once we arrived, we discovered that everyone else in Hampshire had had pretty much the same idea but there was no way we were going to be allowed to leave……we had enough trouble getting her out of there once the hour and a half’s playtime was up!

This weekend we were staying at Hotel Radcliffe – which was lucky as Mummy got struck down with food poisoning and spent an awful lot of time glued to the toilet! (It ought to be pointed out that it wasn’t Grandpa Pee-poo who had poisoned her, but the nasty people at KFC!) Needless to say, any plans of going out gallivanting got shelved so it was lucky that Isabel had the garden to run round like a loon in and burn off a teensy bit of that seemingly endless energy!

Last night found us turning into explorers as we delved into the depths of Isabels nose in order to remove the piece of plastic she had decided to stick up there – quite what inspired to do this, I’ll never know……….it makes you wonder what causes them to pick things up and think “I know, I’ll push this into my nose!” but that’s the scary world of a toddlers brain for you! We did eventually find a pair of tweezers (not before we’d established that Mummy was completely useless in the girlie equipment department as she didn’t have anything even vaguely useful!) and, having got Isabel in a headlock, were able to extract the offending object without too much trauma!

Molly has been busy perfecting her rolling skills – she can now do back to front, front to back and free up her own arm so she’s a much happier bunny…….she is also desperate to be able to sit up so we have bought her a special seat which helps her do this – she still has to only spend short periods of time in it as she tends to lean to one side after a while and can’t right herself again which makes her very cross (well it would, wouldn’t it!)! She loves to spend time chatting with Isabel or just sitting on her bouncy chair blowing raspberries at anyone or anything! Simple things…….

Next week, Daddy is off on his travels for work so it’ll just be us Girls for the majority of the week and Mummy is hoping that they decide not to gang up on her and give her few minutes peace here and there but perhaps that is just wishful thinkinig….???!