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Noses, sickness and other such treats!

Life in the Winchurst household has been relatively quiet of late – I am, of course, ignoring all the stomping, screeching and general yelling that both Girls have been busy practising……..If we included those, there would never be a quiet moment to be had!

The Bank Holiday weekend found us stopping at home rather than venturing off on our travels – Mummy had a mountain of washing (so nothing new there!) that was threatening to avalanche down on us all which she wanted to catch up on (and felt it would have been rude to arrive at someone’s house armed with our washing!) and, as it was a Bank Holiday, the weather was of course due to be rubbish! Aunty Catherine came to visit on the Monday and, after some lunch, we ventured to “Kids 2 Day”, an indoor play centre, so that Isabel could let off some steam – once we arrived, we discovered that everyone else in Hampshire had had pretty much the same idea but there was no way we were going to be allowed to leave……we had enough trouble getting her out of there once the hour and a half’s playtime was up!

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Molly hits a Milestone…..

Today, shortly after 1pm, Molly hit one of what I’m sure will be many milestones by FINALLY rolling over, back to front, for the very 1st time!

Mummy was very excited whilst Isabel didn’t notice and Molly was just cross because her arm that she had just rolled onto was stuck! (And poor daddy was at work so we hope she does it again for his benefit later!)

Given that she has been busy perfecting her stomach crunches (and actually pulled herself into a sitting position from being in the crook of my arm yesterday!) I wouldn’t have thought we’ll have to wait too much longer until she can sit on her own!

We’ll keep you posted!

The joys of being Two…..

For those of you that didn’t know (or hadn’t done the appropriate counting on your fingers!), we have now officially entered the realm of the “terrible twos” – and boy, don’t we know it!!? Isabel turned 2 just under 2 weeks ago and it seems that with that, the Gods of Behaviour decided the turn the stroppiness-knob up to full blast and we have yet to go through a full day without some full blown tantrum being thrown by our darling daughter!
When she isn’t throwing a wobbler she is, of course, absolutely adorable and now talking in full sentences that actually make sense. Phrase of the week last week was “I like a (insert relevant word) Mummy!” and was most regularly food related though my favourite was in response to Molly burping when she looked at her sideways and declared “Molly! Goodness sake! How rude!” which even now makes me chuckle just thinking about it!

Molly is, true to form, growing like a weed and already seems to be almost as big as many babies twice her age – she’s extremely strong and is totally loving standing up (aided of course – she isn’t THAT clever!) and the freedom that being in her jolly jumper brings her…………the most frustrating thing of the moment though is watching her so NEARLY rolling over and not quite making it – any day now she is going to go right over and probably frighten the life out of herself but, for the time being, she is contenting herself with being cross at her inability to just get over that last little hurdle! She thinks that Isabel is hilarious which is so lovely to watch – Isabel is about the only person who is guaranteed to get a giggle out of her and I am enjoying the fact that if Molly is niggly, I can send Isabel to talk to her and she will be entertained for at least the length of time it takes me to use the toilet and, if I’m lucky, make a cup of tea! She has also begun to explore the wonderful world of solid food – so far we have limited it to Banana and Peach baby rice but this seems to have gone down a treat and she has taken to it a lot quicker and easier than Isabel did!

We have just had our 1st holiday as a family of four – rather than venturing to foreign climes, we opted to play it a bit safe and headed for Cornwall………and I think we wouldn’t have had better weather even it we had been abroad! The sun shone everyday bar one (and Mummy got the sunburn to prove it!) and on that day we were at the Eden Project so we inside for most of the time anyway! We had a lovely time though we did find ourselves getting up even earlier than we do normally – the small people didn’t seem to have grasped about holiday lie-ins but I’m sure that they will learn in the years to come! Isabel was thrilled to have a garden to play in and loved the fact that one of the farm cats came to visit on a daily basis (and Mummy was pretty pleased too!) – I’m not sure how pleased he was to be chased round and have his tail played with but it didn’t seem to put him off as he kept coming back even though we had no food to offer him!

Holiday, sweet holiday

We took the opportunity for a few days away on holiday at the end of April/beginning of May, to include Isabel’s 2nd birthday. We went to stay in a lovely cottage in a place called Blisland, just outside Bodmin in Cornwall. We were very lucky with the weather, as it was bright sunshine and blue skies every day except one. To see the photos we took while we were away, click the photo below.


Up to our armpits in sick….

As the title suggests, this weekend found us dealing with a delightful bout of gastroenteritis – Isabel had first started throwing up on wednesday (as mentioned in the previous post) but that had stopped by the time Daddy got home and so we thought we had got away with it after all!

How wrong we were – after being perfectly fine on thursday, Isabel let loose (so to speak!) with avengence on friday and began throwing up at about 5am and didn’t stop all day!! Having decided to seek advice from NHS direct in the afternoon, I was told that I ought not to be starving her and that I could give her some milk if she wanted it (up to this point, I’d only given her water) – well, that was a stupid idea wasn’t it!? No sooner had it gone in, then it came hurtling back out again – and, it has to be said, was a damn sight harder to clean up than the watery vomit we’d had previously! Bizarrely, she did continue to drink the bottle of milk which caused a repeat performance of moments earlier and at this point Mummy made a mental note not to give her anymore milk until she was sure she would keep it down! After that, we decided to seek the wisdom of the GP – when we eventually were able to talk to him, he was a little horrified that we’d been told she could have milk and instead gave her a prescription for some rehydration powders……persuading her to drink them took a little bit of creativity on Mummys part but we did manage to get some in her – and even keep it there for at least 10 minutes!
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Girls that grow!

If you are able to believe it, Isabel will be two in just under 2 weeks – if someone would be so kind as to tell me where the time has gone, I would be most grateful!

Admittedly, she does seem to grow, height wise, on an almost daily basis and we have just come into the “parrot” stage with her vocabulary – this is lovely and often hilariously funny (such as last night when having a snuggle with Daddy she said “Hello, Gorgeous” – he’s been called worse things, I’m sure!) though we are still trying to avoid the swearing……..the fact that she is currently unable to say “f” is a big help and it means that we get “suck” instead of something MUCH ruder and it is relatively acceptable in public – for the time being, we are the only people who know what it was meant to be!

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So … d’ya think they look similar?

When Kate took the photo of Molly below (right, in case you weren’t sure!) she immediately remembered having taken a similar photo of Isabel some eighteen months ago, or so. She therefore suggested we put them side by side as a comparison.

For the record, the photo of Isabel was taken (we think) in September 2005 when she would have been around 4 months old. The one of Molly was taken in February this year (according to the properties of the file on the computer) when she was about 5 weeks old.

Isabel and Molly side by side

Just like the buses ….

… you wait around for ages and then two galleries come along at once!! And there are still no christening photos amongst those galleries – they’re still to come. Anyway, if you would like to look at some more pics click the gallery page link on the left, or click either of the photos below to go to the gallery. Enjoy!



What busy (Easter) Bunnies we are!

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Family Winchurst – well, busy by our standards anyway!

We had the Girls Christening which was lovely – pictures will be up shortly, we are just in the process of gathering them up for a Gallery. It was great to catch up with lots of people that we hadn’t seen for a while – apologies if we didn’t get much chance for a really good chat…….it was a bit like getting married again – so many people to see and not enough time to get round everyone!

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