We’ve got a wee cough

Er, I mean we’ve got a week off. Today (24th October) is Labour Day here in NZ, which means, rather ironically, that everything shuts down for the day and it is a public holiday. To save using my holiday entitlement we therefore decided that we’d take the rest of the week off for a well-deserved break. (Well deserved in our opinion, at least!) We’re planning to go away for a few days and have booked a mini-break in Taupo at the end of the week.

Although we’ve been there before, when we were over here on holiday in 2003, we didn’t spend much time there, so have decided to base ourselves there again and spend some time exploring the area. We plan to test drive the Munchkin carrier to make sure it works successfully and generally spend a few days getting some R&R.

Kate’s been looking in the Rough Guide and has found Taupo’s answer to a British pub. According to the description although it doesn’t look like a British pub it serves a dozen English beers which have travelled well (apparently) and it serves fish ‘n’ chips and an all-day breakfast. Well, it sounds like that’s the food and drink options sorted!!

2 thoughts on “We’ve got a wee cough”

  1. Don’t understand—–Labour Day is a public holiday. yes, got that.
    “To save using my holiday entitlement————rest of week off for a break”? But L DAy is only one day?????
    Mum is as thick as ever, ent eye?
    Have a great time away. Your food and drinks are sorted, but what about Munchkins pumpkin and corn delicacy, washed down with a chateau bottled eau de vache??

  2. “Save using my holiday entitlement” = I only have to take four days’ holiday, not five to have the whole week off given Monday was Labour Day.

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