Top of the table!

The Crusaders had another poor performance in the Super 14 this weekend, and only just managed to scrape through at home against the Sharks, 22-20. They did so without scoring four tries so didn’t get the bonus point. That means the Hurricanes go top by one whole point! A great start to the season for them, but now come three games away in South Africa, against the Cheetahs, Stormers, then (arguably the hardest) the Bulls. Let’s hope all goes well and they come back to NZ still top.

Super 14 standings - week 3

Turn your back for a moment and look what happens ….

Munchkin was safely strapped into her high chair with nothing within reach, or so we thought …. Kate popped upstairs to see whether I wanted a drink and when she returned downstairs the sight that met her was the one below.

Creamy chops

Isabel had managed to get her hands on her nappy rash cream and had decided she didn’t want get a rash on her face or hands so applied the cream accordingly. When changing her nappy, Kate and I generally check which way round Isabel is, so haven’t applied the cream in the same manner before. However, I can confirm that so far Is has not suffered a facial rash, so who are we to question her approach?!

Another 5 pointer … just

Hurricanes logo

This week the Hurricanes played their first game at the Cake Tin, against the Cats from South Africa. It was a very physical game with an exchange of handbags a couple of times. Although the Cats hadn’t won in Wellington in any of their previous four visits, it looked for a while as if they might manage it this time, with the Hurricanes unable to build a big lead. With only just over two minutes to go, trailing by nine points, and needing to score at least twice to win, the Cats kicked a penalty to at least make sure they would get a bonus point (for losing by fewer than eight points). Or would they?! Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us Hurricanes fans, with time running out on the clock the Hurricanes managed to score a fourth try and make sure that not only did the ‘Canes bag another five pointer, but they took away the Cats’ bonus point. It was confusing for a moment or two as there were claims of a knock-on by Hurricanes winger Lome Fa’atau and the ref even blew his whistle. Luckily Isaia Toeava who had picked up the ball and run into the end zone didn’t kick the ball away but grounded it. The ref consulted the TJ who confirmed it was not a knock on hence the try was awarded.

Woo hoo! Go Hurricanes!

Photo of the family

You may have already noticed, but we have updated the photo in the top left hand corner of the screen. As Catherine noted while she was here, we don’t have many photos of the three of us. In fact, looking through the hundreds of photos on the computer, we couldn’t find a single one! We therefore decided to take one for the website, and as it is bright and sunny outside (despite the fact the weather for Wellington on our website is currently saying it’s “mostly cloudy” at Wellington airport) went out onto the balcony to see if we could get a decent photo.

We quickly abandoned the timer approach as Isabel initially laughed whenever Mummy came out to join her and Daddy on the balcony, but then lost interest and looked away before the photo itself was taken! We therefore decided to go for the arm’s length self portrait approach, which seems to have worked fairly well. (Judge for yourselves in the top corner).

My how she’s grown …

We came across the photo below the other day while we were trawling through some of our old photos, so thought it would be fun to take a picture of her in her bouncer today for comparison. Fortunately, she still likes her bouncer, often falling asleep in it after having finished a bottle (of milk, normally). So when she fell asleep in it after we’d got back from the supermarket (Woolworths in case you were wondering) I whipped out the camera and took another photo. Click here to see them both together.

Isabel in her bouncer May 2005 aged 11 days.

Still second

Well I thought for a while that we might go top of the table as I watched the Crusaders really struggle against the Reds for a long while into the second half of their game last night. However, the class of the Crusaders came through eventually (unfortunately) and they won comfortably in the end 47-21. Earlier in the weekend, though, the Bulls had failed to win at home against the Brumbies which means the Crusaders and the Hurricanes are alone on 10 points at the top of the table.

Let’s hope the Hurricanes can make it three from three next weekend in the Cake Tin.

Super 14 standings - week 2

Two from two

Hurricanes logo

This week’s Hurricanes game was a “home” game in New Plymouth. They played one of the new teams this year – the Western Force from Perth. The ‘Canes came out and scored three unanswered tries within half an hour, but then didn’t score again until the final five minutes, making a bit of a meal of a number of good opportunities. Having finally got our bonus point try (you get a bonus point if you score four tries in the game) and having withstood a lot of Force pressure we unfortunately conceded a try in the dying moments so were unable to keep a clean sheet. Final score Hurricanes 29 Force 5. So, another five pointer and good solid defence, but fustrating with the number of mistakes made, especially the number of penalties conceded. Next week brings us the first home game of the season in Wellington against the Cats, which should be a good game, but still plenty of room for improvement early in the season.

Isabel at the beach

Well today was Auntie Catherine’s last day with us in Wellington, so to make sure she didn’t leave on an empty stomach we took her to the Chocolate Fish. Having had a lovely brunch (as always) we decided it was a good time to initiate Isabel in the ways of the sea. We therefore took her to the little beach next to the Chocolate Fish to see how she would take to a bit of paddling. Having got over her initial uncertainty of the water surging in over her feet, she soon came to enjoy it, and if Daddy hadn’t stopped her, she would have been happy to wander into the Cook Strait!!

Unfortunately we didn’t have our camera with us, but luckily Catherine did (had her camera, that is, not ours). She has promised she will email us the photos when she gets home, so we’ll post them here when we get them.

In addition to her paddling, Is is continuing to practice her walking. Her current record is the eight steps she took from her baby bouncer to the coffee table, onto which she then put her bottle. What a good girl. Let’s hope she continues to be that tidy as she grows up!

The other trick she’s learnt to do is to wave. Daddy was sitting in the car waiting for Mummy and Catherine in the pizza shop (Hell, of course) and turned around to the Munchkin and said hello and waved. Much to his surprise Isabel waved back!! He tried it a couple more times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t. She appears to like waving as she has since been seen waving at the cats, herself in the mirror and people on the TV!!

At long last …

We, or should I say Kate, has finally got round to posting some news photos into a gallery. Whoop whoop! To make up for the delay she’s uploaded something like 75 photos for your perusal. Before you say anything they cover the time Isabel met Santa Claus at the E&Y Wellington christmas family day, our trip back to the UK at christmas and new year, and some recent ones with Auntie Catherine who is over from London visiting us at the moment. So don’t be surprised if they seem a little out of chronological order. They are.

Click the photo on the right to go to the gallery. Isabel17/DSCF0144.jpg

Hurricanes off to a storming start

Hurricanes logo

In a repeat of the inaugural game in Super 12 rugby, the first ever Super 14 game was played tonight with the Hurricanes (hooray!) visiting Eden Park to play the Blues (boo!). Although they didn’t play well in the first half and went in at the break 16-3 down, the ‘Canes decided they would play rugby after all in the second half and won the game 37-19 to start the season with a bonus point win and second place on the table. Isabel’s favourite Tana Umaga went off in the second half with a calf strain, so we’re not sure if he’ll be playing next week, but time will tell.

Super 14 table - week 1