A tale of 2 feet!

I’ve heard little rumours of people being a bit miffed that we haven’t been updating our blog much recently – not surprisingly, we mostly have been doing very boring and mundane things like cleaning, washing, changing stinky nappies, removing things that Isabel has found and shouldn’t have etc, and I wasn’t sure that would make very riveting reading! (Feel free to correct me if this isn’t the case!)

We have had the minor adventure of suffering our 1st puncture in one of our buggy wheels – having never fixed a puncture, and therefore not owning a repair kit, this was going to be an interesting experience! The first hurdle we had to over come was actually getting the repair kit. No buggy meant finding an alternative way of transporting Isabel into town – having quickly discovered that putting her in the rucksack was no longer an option (the fact that I couldn’t even lift it onto my shoulders was a bit of a give away!) meant there was only one thing for it……..we would have to WALK! So, we put Isabels new shoes on and strapped her into the reigns and away we went – you would have been forgiven for thinking that we never released her from the confines of the house…….she literally ran all the way to town, shrieking with delight and trying to trample through every puddle available! She was a bit slower on the way home (which was unfortunate given that the heavens opened about half way back!) but all in all, it was a great success – I don’t think we will be doing it too much just yet mind……..given that once we got home she grabbed her bottle, collapsed into her bean bag and didn’t move for the next 30 minutes it was pretty safe to say that she was exhausted!

You’ll also be pleased to know that we are making sure that we are educating her in all aspects of life – if you now ask her “What noise does your bottom make?” she will reply by blowing a raspberry with great enthusiasm! (It’s much better than the original response of “Miaow” which we were slightly worried about!)

2 thoughts on “A tale of 2 feet!”

  1. Now you’ve got it sussed. What to do when you want a bit of peace and quiet——-take Izzy out for a long trek, then on return you get half-hour of respite while whe sleeps it off!!!!! Sounds as though wellies might be a good way forward—-??????

  2. Actually, no need to worry.
    I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly——–spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, horse,—
    You’d need a one-man band to do that lot, so thank your lucky stars it was only “meow”!

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