Thoughts on Life with 2 little ones

So, things here are FINALLY beginning to fall into some form of routine. The day begins anytime from about 5.30am onwards – now don’t be fooled into thinking that I actually get out of bed at this point, I am merely awoken by my youngest daughter who generally starts her day by grunting merrily (and extremely loudly!) for at least half an hour before she decides she is hungry and then she tends to go back to sleep!
What time I actually get up depends a lot on what time Isabel wakes up – she likes her sleep so doesn’t tend to wake up until 8.30am at the earliest and even then, is happy to sit in her cot chatting to her toys for a good hour before she starts demanding to be retrieved! I have quite quickly learned that if I am to stand even the vaguest chance of getting dressed before 4pm, I have to get dressed as soon as I get out of bed – sadly, leisurely breakfasts in my PJs are a thing of the past…….unless I actually WANT to stay in them all day, in which case I don’t worry about it too much!

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