Drum Roll Please……..

The Big Bed is on it’s way!!!

It’s only going to be about 10 days later than we’d originally anticipated – John Lewis are blaming the manufacturer and I’m sure the same would be true in reverse, but at least we know it is coming now and the bedding is all here and ready to go so, with a bit of luck and some self assembly, we should have the bed up and sleepable by bedtime next Monday (2nd July).

Molly seems to be settling into the cot as well – the time between waking is getting considerably longer (thank goodness!) and she appears to be having much more room to wave her arms around in…….if we had a cat, she would probably be swinging it! My attempts to stop Molly being visible to Isabel seem to have been a wasted effort – I had covered one side of the cot with a blanket, the theory being that if Isabel couldn’t see her, she wouldn’t try and talk to her! However, when I went in to get them the other morning I discovered Isabel giggling as Molly pulled the blanket back like a nosey neighbour so that she could peep out at her! Needless to say, I have now removed the blanket and they have a lovely time conversing in the mornings!

Isabels latest language development involves her getting very concerned about things – if Mummy happens to be watching “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (which generally involves them knocking down someone’s house and building a new one) she’ll come dashing over to say “Oh No Mummy! House broken!” and you have to try and explain that although they have broken the house, they will be fixing it with something much better! She has also taken to saying “Careful Mummy, look out!” whenever we come to cross the road – I’m taking this as a good sign that she has listened to our instructions when we take her into town, and not that she thinks I’m a terrible Buggy driver!?

Molly continues to be very frustrated about…well, everything! She gets cross when she can’t reach something she wants and really lets rip if you take something off her that she was playing with – this usually involves some form of paper or magazine………she’ll happily lie on the floor, kicking her legs and scrunching away with her fingers, making as much noise as possible – the problem comes when she decides to eat said paper and ends up with lumps of paper-mache in her mouth! Although she still seems uninterested in solid food, she seems to have become more settled since I put her on a formula for “hungrier babies” – we’ll keep persevering with the solid stuff (if you can call baby mush a solid?!) but we aren’t in any rush!