Getting Bigger is very hard work!

After the excitement of our attempted trip to Grandpa Peepoos house the weekend before last, things have been a lot quieter in the life of us Winchursts – something we are very thankful for!

Yesterday I discovered that Molly’s teeth have FINALLY decided to put in an appearance, with the sharp edges of the front 2 at the bottom beginning to poke through – we are hopeful that this will mean that some of the excess grumpiness will begin to subside……..and that the torrential downpour down her chin will also start to dry up a bit! (Molly in dry clothes – imagine that??!)
This morning she has been busy putting the world to rights by shouting “da da da da da” almost consistently and VERY loudly – according to Isabel “Molly is a noisy Baba!”……I couldn’t agree more! (though I was excited at the same time as this was the 1st time she had said it – shame it was “da” not “ma” and that she had to say it quite so much………)

Isabel has continued to entertain us with her creative play – this morning, she put her plastic movie camera over her shoulder and declared that she was “Off to work Mummy! See you later! Kiss please!”……..her choice of work related equipment would suggest that she is succumbing to the influence of both Aunty Jecca and Uncle Ken – and perhaps a bit of Mummy if she continues to want to go out in her heels and oh so fashionable bag?! Mummy has also been having a job to persuade her of the joys of tidying up – this morning, I put a large pile of toys away and went to the kitchen…..when I came back she said “Look Mummy – toys back!” and sure enough, the pile was back in its original position! After failing miserably to explain to her that the toys were much better off IN the box, I opted to incarcerate her in the highchair in the hope that the toys may at least stay put away for more than 30 seconds!

This weekend, we are heading to Devon for an en mass gathering of the Winchurst Clan – it will be a long weekend as Dan has managed to wangle both the Friday and the Monday as days off!! All we have to hope now is that the weather continues to be nice! Fingers crossed……..