A Happy Band of Travellers…….

Life has been such that we haven’t been at home much over the last month. We had our weeks’ holiday in Devon which was lovely – a static caravan on the outskirts of Dawlish was our home for the week and provided a good base for us to explore the southern part of Devon that none of us was very familiar with! We spent the week visiting places that we thought Isabel would enjoy although, with her truly embracing the challenge of being 2, pretty much anything we did was wrong! This combined with lots of walking made for a nice break – though I did feel that I might need another holiday to recover from this one!

Once we were back Daddy was off on his travels, first to Brussels overnight and then to Stoke (not quite as glamorous!!!) for the best part of the week! Mummy decided that the prospect of being on her own without any adult conversation for the week was one that she didn’t relish so thankfully, Grandpa Peepoo came on the Tuesday morning and gathered us Girls (and our mountain of “stuff” – vital essentials only of course!!!) and whisked us back to Hotel Radcliffe where Daddy came and joined us after work on Friday!

Coming home was a bit strange, given we’d been away for most of the past 2 weeks though we didn’t have to wait too long before we were off again – the next weekend we reinstated our Nomadic status and headed for London so that Daddy could go crawling round the pubs (not literally thank goodness!) with the soon to be Australia bound Uncle Ken and us Girls could have a lovely time at Aunty Catherine’s! Saturday saw us descend on Borough Market (with Aunty Nanna and (eventually) Grandpa Peepoo in tow) in the morning before heading back to Herne Hill to have a delicious BBQ at Dave and Valerie’s house – their flat backs onto an enormous garden so Isabel was in her element and happily ran round into the early evening until we very cruelly dragged her home for a splash! (though she definitely needed it by that point!) Sunday we had a leisurely lunch and long awaited catch-up with Mummy’s friend Rachel before we headed to Waterloo to meet Daddy and get on the train back to normality!