For those that are thinking we have fallen off the face of the Earth…….

Yes, I realise that I have been very slack of late in the Updating of the goings on Chez Winchurst – I’d like to have a really good excuse, but I don’t (other than being totally rubbish!!!) so you’ll have to accept my apologies instead!!!

Life has been quite busy, one way or another, over the last month and a half – quite a lot of it was taken up with following England’s very surprising performance in that minor event that some of you may know as the Rugby World Cup…… you can imagine, we took rather a lot of pleasure in rubbing in the misfortunes of the All Blacks to our friends on the other side of the world {Note from Dan: But not as much pleasure as we got from us beating the Aussies!! ;-)} (though they may not be our friends anymore – I’d probably better check on that one!!!!) as we continued to be amazed that our Boys had made it through another stage! Uncle Ken came to see us the weekend of the semi finals – this was due to be the last time we saw him before he upped sticks and headed to the Land of Oz but whilst celebrating the fact that England had once again made it to the World Cup Final, he and Dan realised that they were in fact each other’s lucky charms and that England had never lost a game that they watched together! Therefore, it was decided that they would continue this run of good luck and would watch the Final together the following week (regardless of the fact that Uncle Ken still had an awful lot of packing to do………..he might even have still needed to start it at that point!??) – sadly, as we all know, it wasn’t to be but it kept us out of trouble for a few weeks!!! (Even if I couldn’t watch it as the tension made me feel sick!!)

After that, us Girlies made a day trip to London in order to catch up with our Canadian relatives whom, we realised, we hadn’t seen for about 9 years and who had therefore never seen Isabel and Molly other than in photographic form!

The following weekend saw us catching up with the lovely Mr Dibens who we had last seen at the Girls christening – his was just a flying visit so we hope that we will be able to see him again soon……and that this time he might bring Mrs Dibens with him!! (though we aren’t sure if we are worthy of being in the presence of a world champion – Hurray for Mrs Dibens!!!)

At the beginning of November, Dan I went out without the Girls for the 1st time since Molly was born – a trip to see the Stereophonics in concert was the order of the day (with the lovely Matt and Shelley) {Note from Dan: that should be “Matt and the lovely Shelley” shouldn’t it?! ;-)} and made me realise that I must be getting very old………although I really enjoyed it, I spent an awful lot of time thinking that it was very loud and wondering if they could turn it down a bit!!! Clearly, it is the beginning of the downward spiral…….

Last weekend we headed to Devon to stay at Hotel Winchurst and celebrated Dan’s Birthday, all be it the day after his actual birthday!!! (though we did have cake and presents that evening and then a pub meal the next day!) We had a lovely time doing not a lot – which was also good in view of the fact that both Girls developed a stomach bug that saw us changing nappies for England!!! It was slightly scary, however, to think that the next time we are there it will be Christmas – where does the time go??!

In case you didn’t know, we have also bought a new house (well, are in the process of buying!) and are due to be moving the week before Christmas – we are very much looking forward to getting all the things we are missing at the minute………I am far too excited about having a garden in which to put a washing line for my own good and don’t even get me started on having room for the tumble dryer!!!!