How embarrassing……..

I was totally ashamed to realise that it had been more than 2 months since the last post – what lazy lumps we are clearly turning into!!?

OK, here is where I will attempt to fill you in on what has been happening Chez Winchurst since we last managed an update…….

Life was relatively quiet for early December (unless you were Daddy who was running himself ragged at work with too much to do and not enough time to do it!!) but then we hit the week before Xmas – we were all due to move (somewhat foolishly) on the 20th December……..Grandma and Hompy arrived in Eastleigh on the Tuesday (18th) to be on hand to be chief Tiddler minders and the Packing people arrived on time on the Wednesday. They were all finished by lunchtime and things seemed to be running very smoothly……and then the phone rang! It came to light that our house wouldn’t be ready for us to move into on the Thursday and the Builders wondered if we could call the removals people and ask them to move us in on the Friday instead???!!!! As you might imagine, I was slightly horrified – I very politely told the lady at the other end of the phone that this wouldn’t be possible as a. my Baby had chicken pox b. my entire house was packed into boxes and c. the removals people were, as far as I knew, fully booked for Friday!!!!! A few frantic phonecalls and an extremely obliging removals firm later, it was arranged that our things would be collected on the Thursday as planned, stored overnight and delivered on the friday whilst Isabel would go back with Grandma and stay overnight and Mummy, Daddy and Molly would stay in a hotel (courtesy of Wimpey homes!) before heading to the new house to supervise the delivery of our belongings!
Because the removals people were somewhat stretched on the Friday, our things didn’t actaully arrive at the new house until almost 2.30pm so by the time the chaps had left we spent 20 minutes packing a suitcase and we locked up and headed off for our Xmas trip!!!!

We had a lovely Xmas and New Year split between Devon and Upton and somehow managed to forget about the small country’s worth of boxes that was waiting for us at home!!!

The day after we arrived home, Daddy went off to work – and Isabel came down with the Chicken Pox!!!! So the New Year saw us doing our best to unpack everything and stop Isabel from scratching too much!!!
Since then, life has been samey – lots of unpacking and attempting to find a light at the end of the tunnel of boxes!!! Isabel has started at her new pre-school and absolutely loves it and Mummy is enjoying having a little bit of down time with just Molly a couple of times a week!

We are preparing to head to New Zealand at the (very) end of next month so that we can be at Paul and Rachel’s wedding and, most importantly, so that Isabel can perform her bridesmaidly duties – Mummy is beginning to have the nightmares that involve Isabel running round the church screaming with her skirt up by her ears, or whipping her nappy off mid service or even just refusing to take part at all…… assured we will let you know if any of those turn out to be premonitions instead of nightmares!!!!