More pics

матрациI have added a few more photos from today, the highlights of which included Isabel and Molly meeting their new baby sister for the first time. There were presents all round, which went down well with Isabel and Molly, but they were rather disappointed that Amelia seemed to want to sleep for most of the time they were there! Still, we’re hoping that they may be home tomorrow, which will give them plenty of time to get to know each other.

I have added the photos to the same gallery as yesterday so just click that link to see the photos. The new ones are from img 963 on the second page of pics. Enjoy.

Amelia Lucy Winchurst has arrived…

We will no doubt be adding to this over the forthcoming days and weeks, but for now I have added a gallery with some pictures to celebrate the arrival of Amelia Lucy Winchurst this morning (22nd October 2009) at approximately 9.21am. She weighed 8lb 12oz and so far (around 13 1/2 hours later as I type!) she is doing fine.

I haven’t added any captions to the photos yet, so you’ll have to make up your own for now! Click the photo below to go to the gallery.


Waddling bravely onwards……….

I am rubbish.

There, I said it – I know that I have totally failed in my mission to post regular blog updates, but I’m beginning to wonder if anyone actually reads it anymore anyway, mainly thanks to the invention of Facebook!!!

I’m also not convinced that much has gone on in the world of the Winchursts to warrant us telling the world – life ticks along, much the same as usual on a day to day basis! Boring…………..

The Girls have gotten bigger, as has the dog, and we are about to embark on the big adventure of School – Isabels first day is monday next week although, annoyingly, she will only be doing mornings until after half term!!!
Molly has gone back to pre-school and it seems a little as though she has never been away – 2 days in and we’ve already managed to “lose” 2 cardigans (there’ll be there somewhere!) and are inundated with various artistic offerings………most of which, sadly, will probably end up in the recycling but rest assured we’ll hunt out any future fortune makers first!!

For anyone who doesn’t know (which would be quite unlikely at this point!), I too have grown – rather dramatically, mainly round the waist and in a general outwards direction – I haven’t become a pie eating champion (sadly), I am in fact 33 weeks pregnant with Winchurst number 3 and am busy attempting to make sure we are ready for the new arrival, expected sometime at the end of October! Getting my head round having a newborn in the house is proving to be quite odd, given how used I am to having 2 fairly self sufficient small people around the majority of the time – once the moses basket comes out of the loft and I’ve finished packing my hospital bag I’m sure the reality will hit home………..and then I will be found waddling at top speed (ie, not very fast at all….) into the sunset!! The Girls seem pretty excited about having a Baby in the house although Isabel did come across 3 week old Baby Violet, who lives next door, screaming her head off in her pram this afternoon and asked me “Will ours do that Mummy?” with a distinct look of concern on her face!!! She has no idea whats coming……………

The dog continues to have boundless amounts of energy and enjoys joining in with any wrestling matches that might be going on on the rug or jumping around the garden like a fairy/mermaid/Kung fu Panda – thankfully, the cries of “No bum licking Tana!!!” have all but disappeared but I do, very occaisionally, get reports of him eating poo that has come from someones bottom……… general tactic is to gloss over these reports very quickly and make a concious decision not to investigate the matter further, whilst hoping with every inch of my being (which, at the minute, is a lot of inches…..) that it won’t result in a trip to the Vets – don’t much fancy having to explain his odd choice in dietary supplements…………

So, that’s where we are at the minute – hopefully we’ll get some pictures of Isabels first day at school posted up here and we’ll be sure to do our best to get pictures of Number 3 once that happy day arrives!!! I wouldn’t hold your breath though………………

Where’s that year gone???

I just thought I should add a post, given that it’s been over a year since the last one. Anyway, given a rare day of sunshine a couple of weekends ago we decided to go for a family picnic, so the link below takes you to a gallery of a couple of photos from the day. (Needless to say the photos were taken before the moans of “I’m tired”, “Carry me!” and “I don’t want to walk any more” …. and that was just from Kate. 😉 )