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The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!

After being some what grumpy and EXTREMELY dribbly, Isabel had finally graced us with the beginnings of a tooth! We haven’t actually managed to see it yet but we know its there thanks to the razor like bump in her gum! It’s on the bottom which surprised us slightly – with help and encouragement from Granny, we thought it was coming at the top ……..we’ll probably get one there soon enough as well but one is quite enough for the time being!

Somebody told me that when their small person got teeth the dribbling relented a bit – I am hopeful that this will be the case with Miss Winchurst so that we might go a whole day without her being completely drenched from the neck down!

So near and yet so far……

The most interesting thing of late is that Isabel appears to be going to crawl anytime now!
She’s up on her hands and knees, rocking backwards and forwards……..before moving herself backwards! She has spent many a minute wedged under the sofa or very cross because she has reversed herelf away from her toys!

Our Antenatal group were here yesterday and were extremely impressed – there are even bets floating about that she will be on the move before we meet again in a fortnight (no pressure or anything!) but we’ll have to wait and see on that one!

So all we have to do now is encourage her to figure out about moving forwards – and then will come the joy of stair-gates, child proofing the house and wondering what on earth to do with the cat food so that Isabel doesn’t eat it!?

Passport for Isabel

Today we have been sorting out a passport for Isabel – at this point, we are applying for her New Zealand one but will be looking to get her British one as well in the not too distant future! I couldn’t believe the palava involved though, just for passport pictures – the rules state that babies have to be looking at the camera, they aren’t allowed to smile (which is quite tricky in Isabels case!), they have to have their mouths closed and both ears must be visible – how bloomin’ STUPID! She’s 5 months old for goodness sake! We had to take about 10 pictures of her until we came up with one that was acceptable – the lady in the shop told me that they had a lady with a 9 day old baby come in and the passport office had REJECTED her baby’s pictures………how on earth you are supposed to get a 9 day old to comply with all their regulations, I’ll never know!
Anyway, we have our pics now and the form is filled out – on Saturday we are going to see Zoe as she is going to verify Isabel is who we say she is – given the requirements are that she has to have known her from birth and being from the medical profession we thought she was highly qualified for the job!

Latest Isabel Gallery

We had a great time when Granny Radcliffe was here visiting her great grand-daughter (the fact that Dan and I were here too was completely coincidental!). I’ve added a new gallery of photos from her stay, although you will probably notice that most of them are of the Munchkin!!

Click here to view the gallery, or click on the photo on the right hand side.


Granny arrives in Wellington!


At roughly 2.30pm today local time, Granny Radcliffe arrived at the start of her holiday down under with us. She got to meet her great granddaughter for the first time at the Airport and later on helped me give her a bath.

We took her home via the Chocolate Fish Cafe, where we stopped for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Yummy!