A veritable melting pot!

It has to be said that it is absolutely BOILING here at the minute – yesterday it apparently got up to 28 degrees……which explains why I still managed to get surnburnt even though I was smothered in factor 30 suncream.

There hasn’t been a huge amount report of late – Isabel has continued to amaze evryone with the speed at which she got over her operation and has also continued to become ever more active. She now pulls herself up on every available piece of furniture and cruises along it – whilst investigating anything that she might be able to reach along the way! (Daddy will have to find new homes for the remote controls as she is particularly fond of these!)

Dan has been extremely busy at work and is tied up with a number of chrsitmas “do’s” tonight and all day tomorrow – tomorrows is a Wineries trip to the South Island…….lucky for some is what I say! (me and the Munchkin will have to settle for Tea and Formula – we know how to party here!)

On Saturday there is a “Carols by Candlelight” event at the Cake Tin (the stadium here in Wellington) which Rachel is pretty keen to take Isabel to – and i think it would be ok if me and Dan tagged along as well (!?) and then Sunday is the Family E&Y christmas event out at Kaitoke Regional Park (which is where the Rivendell sets were for LOTR) so we will be heading out to that….and with a bit of luck, we’ll take the camera!


Yes, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some new pictures in the Gallery!

Dan is away tonight, but once he gets back I’ll get him to add a link to this page but for now you’ll have to navigate your own way there……..but being clever chaps, I’m sure you’ll manage it!


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