Kate leaving do March 2005

Kate’s leaving dinner – March 2005

Kate finished work at the same time as a friend of hers, Erica. The two of them organised a meal to celebrate, and Kate was lucky enough to be given some lovely leaving presents. See below for photos of the dinner and the presents.

Alice, Emma, Tash, Erica

(L to R) Alice, Emma, Tash, Erica

Lisa, Nat and Alistair

(L to R) Lisa, Nat, Alistair

Alice and Emma

Alice and Emma and Tash’s right arm!

Kate and Erica

Erica and Kate (smiling ‘cos they’re leaving!)

Baby bouncer

Present from Erica, Nat, Lisa, Tash and Alicia (Alicia didn’t make it to the meal). Hopefully this will keep Sluggy/Mammoth entertained for hours! And if not, we’re sure the cats will love it!

T-shirt and baby bath stuff from Alice and Emma.

Flowers from Nat and Alistair.

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