My girls are home

I’m pleased to say that Kate and Molly came home from hospital today so we’re reunited as a family again. Isabel has been pretty indifferent to the new arrival – so far, at least! – being more interested in her Leap Pad system with Winnie the Pooh and Dora the Explorer books. Quite how (or if) that will change over the coming days and weeks, only time will tell.

We’ve got our first set of visitors tomorrow, with the Radcliffe clan coming to visit. Quite whether there will be room for everyone to sit down is something I’m sure no-one’s worrying about too much as they’re all very excited to be seeing their niece/grandaughter/greatgranddaughter for the first time. The Winchursts had been hoping to visit yesterday but unfortunately the very stormy weather meant the trip was postponed, but I’m sure it won’t be too long until they get to see Molly too.

Anyway, here are the few photos I took on Thursday at the hospital. I would have posted them last night, but the internet connection was playing up and I couldn’t. Click the photo below to go directly to the page with the photos on, or else just go to the album and move to page 2. Enjoy!

Molly with her eyes open

Sister meets sister

Kate and Molly are still in hospital today but were lucky enough to have a visit from Big Sister Isabel who very thoughtfully brought Auntie Catherine along with her! The initial reaction was very promising, with Isabel sitting happily on the bed giving Molly a cuddle and lots of kisses. However, the novelty soon wore off and Isabel contented herself running riot throughout the ward instead.

Anyway, Mummy and daughter are both making good progress, with Molly sleeping through from 3am until 11am this morning. We both hope that sleeping thing’s something she looks to continue over the next few months! See one of the (few) photos from the first Winchurst girls meeting below. I have added a few more photos to the album from yesterday. You can access the photos from the link on yesterday’s post, or from the gallery link on the left.

My three girls

Our latest arrival

I am very pleased to post the first photos of our latest arrival – Molly Rebecca Winchurst. She arrived today (16th January 2007) at 11.42am local time. She weighed 8lbs 10oz (3.9kg in case you’re metric), was 52cm long and had a head circumference of 37cm.

Both Mummy and Molly are doing well, with Molly eating well and being generally quiet, and Mummy making a good recovery from the operation. Tomorrow will be Isabel’s and Molly’s first meeting, although I’ve shown Is the photos on the computer. She recognised Molly immediately as “a baby” and makes a pretty good stab at saying “Molly”.

Molly Winchurst

I’ve posted a few more photos in a gallery, which you can access by clicking on the photo below. Enjoy!