More pics

матрациI have added a few more photos from today, the highlights of which included Isabel and Molly meeting their new baby sister for the first time. There were presents all round, which went down well with Isabel and Molly, but they were rather disappointed that Amelia seemed to want to sleep for most of the time they were there! Still, we’re hoping that they may be home tomorrow, which will give them plenty of time to get to know each other.

I have added the photos to the same gallery as yesterday so just click that link to see the photos. The new ones are from img 963 on the second page of pics. Enjoy.

Amelia Lucy Winchurst has arrived…

We will no doubt be adding to this over the forthcoming days and weeks, but for now I have added a gallery with some pictures to celebrate the arrival of Amelia Lucy Winchurst this morning (22nd October 2009) at approximately 9.21am. She weighed 8lb 12oz and so far (around 13 1/2 hours later as I type!) she is doing fine.

I haven’t added any captions to the photos yet, so you’ll have to make up your own for now! Click the photo below to go to the gallery.