Her latest trick …

Isabel is continuing to develop and in the last week has learned a new trick – standing on her own without the aid of a safety net!! We were sitting round the other evening when we suddenly realised that she was standing up, happily chewing on one of her toys, in the middle of the floor. Having discovered she could do this, she has continued to practise the fine art of standing up, and we don’t think it will be too long before she starts to take her first tentative step. We haven’t taken a photo of her doing it yet, but we will endeavour to get one soon.

We will also get round to posting some Xmas photos at some point. But don’t hold your breath!

Christmas and New Year

Some of you might be thinking that we Winchursts had fallen off the face of the earth – not so I’m afraid, we have merely been in the UK for the past 3 and a half weeks and were keeping it secret from various bits of the family!

We arrived on 21st December at Heathrow feeling fresher than usual as we had managed to upgrade to Business class – lie flat beds do wonders for your jetlag (unless of course your name is Isabel…..)!
We picked up our hire car and headed up to the Lake District to spend Christmas with the Radcliffe clan – needless to say, everyone was VERY pleased to see us……..I think the fact we had a small person in tow helped! We had a great time – the only problems were that Isabel’s body clock went out of the window for the 1st few days so sleep was limited and we also discovered that she has an issue with beards……..not great news for my poor Dad – she did let him pick her up eventually!

On 30th December, we packed up the car and headed to Devon for New Year with the Winchursts. This was particularly exciting as H and Neil had no idea we were coming – and were well and truly surprised when we walked in the door! We had a lovely time taking day trips out and Isabel particularly enjoyed meeting Auntie H’s horse and the sheep and water voles at her work.

We left Devon on 8th January and began making our way to London via Cardiff, Bristol and Fairford arriving in London on 11th January – many thanks to everyone who put us up (or should that be “put up with us”?), fed and watered us……..we really appreciated it!

There are HUNDREDS of photos to go up – with a bit of luck, we’ll get round to posting a new gallery in the next day or so!