Not a lot to report!

So, things have been a little quiet in the Winchurst household of late (by “quiet” I mean there hasn’t been much interesting going on – it’s very difficult for things to be “quiet” when there’s a 17mth old, who does a very good Heffalump impression, running around like a loon!) – the only things to have reported would’ve been things like doing the washing and clearing up after Isabel for the 400th time in one day, none of which would make for thrilling reading!

This last weekend saw Dan disappearing off to Munich to sample the delights of Oktoberfest. He arrived home yesterday armed with a wealth of goodies – a “Miaow” for Isabel (only of the stuffed variety!), Chocolate for Mummy and a variety of Beer festival items, one of which is a “Stein”(at least, I think that’s how you spell it!) that weighs an absolute tonne when full! (It holds 2 pints of liquid!) Apparently, someone was seen carrying 14 of these at once – I was very impressed given I thought I might go into premature labour just carrying one with nothing more toxic than squash in it!

Not wishing to be outdone, Isabel and I went to London on Saturday to stay with Aunty Catherine as an early birthday celebration – Catherine’s birthday was in fact on Monday, but she was inconveniently going to New York so we had to bring forward the partying! Isabel had a lovely time entertaining Catherine’s flatmates and decided, therefore, she had no need of sleep and it was 11.30pm before I persuaded her otherwise! I had also chosen to gloss over just how wriggly she is whilst asleep and opted to share a bed with her – needless to say, I am in no hurry to repeat this event and will probably vote to sleep just about anywhere else in the future! (especially as she then chose to get up at 7.10am on Sunday – about and hour and a half earlier than normal!)

Today, Isabel has been continuing her new found joy of embarrassing Mummy in the supermarket by fondling peoples bottoms whilst queuing up to pay! So far, people are generally very forgiving when they turn round to see a curly haired scrap beaming innocently up at them – some are also quite disappointed, but only momentarily!
We were also interested by an item on the local Chinese Restaurants menu – I was pondering it as an option for dinner tomorrow (given it is our Wedding Anniversary!) but am less inclined to go now given that one of their delicacies is “Szechwan Dick”! I’m quite adventurous in the gastronomic department, but even I would draw the line there! We’ll keep you posted as to whether we venture in there!

Things that go “Bump” in the….er…..Stomach?!

Today was a little bit of milestone in this pregnancy as I got booted from the inside but most definitely felt it on the outside!

The day had started rather actively with “Bob” doing what could only be described as a star-jump – that’s the only way I can explain why I felt kicks on both sides of my bump at once!! Once downstairs and safely ensconced on the sofa (I hasten to add at this point that, thanks to my darling sister Hannah, I am stuffed full of cold so feel justified in sofa lounging!) with my toast and Isabel in her high chair, I must just have been sitting in the right position – right place at the right time! My arm, which was resting on my middle, just jumped in the air! Isabel was decidedly unimpressed with Mummy’s squeaking and just looked at me as if to say “that’s nice Mum, can I go back to my breakfast now please?”!

Speaking of Isabel, her current favourite phrase is “Hiya!” which she says to just about anyone when she sees them and, when asked what is in Mummy’s tummy, she will say with great gusto “a Baby!” . Clearly she has no idea what is looming in her future – the fact that she came across a rather small, screaming baby on Monday in the supermarket and promptly put her hands over her ears doesn’t bode terribly well!