Passport for Isabel

Today we have been sorting out a passport for Isabel – at this point, we are applying for her New Zealand one but will be looking to get her British one as well in the not too distant future! I couldn’t believe the palava involved though, just for passport pictures – the rules state that babies have to be looking at the camera, they aren’t allowed to smile (which is quite tricky in Isabels case!), they have to have their mouths closed and both ears must be visible – how bloomin’ STUPID! She’s 5 months old for goodness sake! We had to take about 10 pictures of her until we came up with one that was acceptable – the lady in the shop told me that they had a lady with a 9 day old baby come in and the passport office had REJECTED her baby’s pictures………how on earth you are supposed to get a 9 day old to comply with all their regulations, I’ll never know!
Anyway, we have our pics now and the form is filled out – on Saturday we are going to see Zoe as she is going to verify Isabel is who we say she is – given the requirements are that she has to have known her from birth and being from the medical profession we thought she was highly qualified for the job!