Our hotel stay is finally over …

Hurrah! Our house purchase went through (at last!) last Thursday and we were finally able to move out of the hotel we’d been staying in for the last six weeks or so. Not that the hotel was bad, it’s just with three of us living in a room the size of … well, the size of a small room, we became a little stir crazy.

We were also able to get all our stuff out of storage on the same day the house completed so were able to go to sleep in our lovely king-size bed with our familiar duvet that Kate could tuck right up to her ears and still keep her feet warm!!

We’ve still got the small matter of about four hundred thousand boxes to unpack (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit!) but it’s great to have our own space again, and for Isabel to be in her own room. (Special thanks to Auntie Catherine for the pink angel lights she bought for Isabel’s room to add that extra je ne sais quoi!)

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