Bedtime excitement and the blank canvas of walls…..

We have started the process of “The Big Bed Move” this week – we had been hoping to do this once Isabel’s new bed had arrived but Molly’s growth rate out did us and we had no choice but to de-squash the littlest Winchurst by transferring her into the cot! I had been slightly concerned that Isabel would object to her beloved sister mustering her way onto her turf but she doesn’t seem to have cared a bit – in fact, she gets rather excited at the prospect of bedtime in “the tent”, which is what she is calling the travel cot………..the only slight hiccup is her new found excitement at being able to talk to Molly and therefore delaying sleepy time for either of them! I was particularly displeased yesterday morning when Isabel decided to arouse from her slumber at 6.45am (which is VERY early for her!) and proceeded to say “Hello Molly!!” at the top of her voice until she got a response – I’m pretty sure that Molly had still been asleep up to this point but clearly felt that if Isabel was awake then she should be too.………the only plus side was that by 9am she was exhausted and promptly went back to sleep! Needless to say, she was extremely grumpy all day yesterday – Isabel seems to be the only one who copes well with the early morning starts!

We managed to survive on our own whilst Daddy was away last week – luckily they only decided to gang up on me a couple of times and I was able to get most of the things done that I had wanted to!

Isabel has continued to demonstrate how good she is at being 2 by drawing on the walls with black crayon – luckily, it was only a small section of wall and Mummy quickly discovered that she could wipe it off and was very pleased…….until she realised that the paint was coming off as well! She also takes great pleasure in destroying the lovely neat piles of washing you have just created to be taken upstairs – I spent a lot of time yesterday morning sorting the washing into individual piles when my attention was required by Molly……when I came back, there was a mountain of clothes on the floor, all jumbled together with Isabel in the middle of them looking a bit like she had been buried in the sand but looking very pleased with herself!

Molly is continuing her voyage of discovery into the realm of solid food (partly because Mummy was trying to persuade her to sleep through the night and wondered if she might be hungry…….) but still seems to be unconvinced – she seems to see it as a chore rather than a pleasure but she does get cross if you take it away before she is ready! Her raspberry blowing is now a fine art but there is no sign of her sitting on her own just yet – I still think that she will learn to sit up and then just stay there for the foreseeable future, without feeling any urge to become mobile……..this will be quite useful when it comes to our trip to New Zealand next year for Uncle Paul and Aunty Rachel’s wedding – one small person refusing to sit still will be bad enough, but the prospect of two is not something that fills me with joy! Perhaps there are some special tranquillising tablets we could slip them…….???! (or better still, perhaps there are some that Mummy could have!?)